Here are examples of the Renaissance package that is sometimes available depending upon timing.  

This first oil sketch from the Ashford Estate is 16″ x 20″ vertical, completed on site. 

The second from the Ashford Estate is 24″ x 30″, done the same day, that I took home for touchups.

Example 2: Finished Vineyards first dance painting this first dance painting is 16 x 20 horizontal. I did do a few touch ups. I didnโ€™t like that that background was so empty, so I added more people in after the fact. 

This is 22 x  28โ€ Vineyards ceremony finished painting 

This is how the Vineyard paintings looked at the end of the night. I finished them from photos in the studio.

Third example recently painting in Brooklyn, NY. These two are not touched up yet. The larger is  24″ x 30″, smaller one 16″ x 20″ they had planned for an outdoor ceremony, but it was super rainy. This is how I left them at the end of the day. (it was a daytime wedding .

Fourth example, my first time painting two paintings same day… This was at the Inn at New Hyde Park in Long Island. These two are touched up. The larger is ย 24″ x 30″, smaller one 16″ x 20″.