Renaissance Package

by | Nov 9, 2019 | Blog

Here are examples of the Renaissance package that is sometimes available depending upon timing.  

This first oil sketch from the Ashford Estate is 16″ x 20″ vertical, completed on site. 

The second from the Ashford Estate is 24″ x 30″, done the same day, that I took home for touchups.

Example 2: Finished Vineyards first dance painting this first dance painting is 16 x 20 horizontal. I did do a few touch ups. I didn’t like that that background was so empty, so I added more people in after the fact. 

This is 22 x  28” Vineyards ceremony finished painting 

This is how the Vineyard paintings looked at the end of the night. I finished them from photos in the studio.

Third example recently painting in Brooklyn, NY. These two are not touched up yet. The larger is  24″ x 30″, smaller one 16″ x 20″ they had planned for an outdoor ceremony, but it was super rainy. This is how I left them at the end of the day. (it was a daytime wedding .

Fourth example, my first time painting two paintings same day… This was at the Inn at New Hyde Park in Long Island. These two are touched up. The larger is  24″ x 30″, smaller one 16″ x 20″.