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Alyssa and Christopher at the Park Savoy
“There’s something about telling a story visually that is incredibly powerful for me. I find myself to be more of a participant in your events, your parties, your special occasions and less of a spectator when I have my brush in hand. Telling your story in paint on canvas allows me to capture the emotion of a moment. Your personal story can be felt and not just heard when the imagery speaks to the observer.”
Janet Howard-Fatta

Your Event Artist

Bring the romance of art to your event.

Your events, your parties, your relationships come to life in a painting to have as a lasting keepsake. I tell your story for you, in art, on canvas with your colors, at the places you bring me to, with your family and friends. The painting will unfold into a work of art for you to keep always. Live Event Painting is a unique way to capture the special moments of your event and becomes a family heirloom.

In a nutshell, how it works is I come to your wedding, celebration, or fundraiser and create a painting on location. I start painting early, painting the basics of the scene.  I work with you in advance to decide what moments you want captured. With many years of experience as a fine artist, live event painting comes naturally, and my impressionistic style captures visual poetry. Paintings are then brought back to the studio for additional detail and refinement.

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