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Bring the romance of art to your event.

Live event painting is unique wedding entertainment
as well as a family heirloom.

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I paint your events, your parties, your relationships creating a lasting keepsake and entertainment at the same time.
I tell your story for you, in art on canvas. Your colors, the places you bring me with your family and friends will unfold into a work of art for you to keep always.

Commission me to paint your family dinner, your wedding, your parties or fundraisers. With many years experience as a fine artist, my impressionistic style captures the poetry of scenes live event painting comes natural.  Live event painting is unique wedding entertainment as well as a family heirloom. Paintings are created live at special events and brought back to the studio for additional detail and refinement.

As mother of the bride, I though my daughter was crazy when she told me she hired a wedding painter! They had limited funds for their special day, and I certainly thought a painter was a waste of $$$. How wrong I was. Every guest, every family member, even the staff enjoyed interacting with Janet as she painted. She was the highlight of the reception! And, the final product is breathtaking. Janet captured all the colors and atmosphere of the medieval banquet.. It will be treasured for generations. And, Janet is helping me order prints of the painting to use on thank you notes.

Linda K.

Mother of the Bride

She was so so amazing! She captured our special day perfectly! All of our family members pictured came out on point. I am so excited to have this photo to remember this day forever. She was so at ease to work with and was very reliable. It made such a difference in our wedding day and all our guests loved this piece. They all stopped by and checked out her process throughout the night. A great treat to have!!!

Danielle H.


My husband and I were delighted and intrigued when we decided to have Janet paint our October wedding for us. The artist Janet herself is a sweetheart to speak to and organize with, she’s very easy going and very passionate about painting. When describing my event to her I could hear the excitement in her voice, as she envisioned what was going to become of her canvas, and what became of that canvas was beautiful!
I can truly say that not only does having a painter in the room add to the romantic atmosphere, especially if you are an artsy couple like my husband and I, but it is also such an amazing way to remember your wedding. We had a lot of DIY projects at our wedding and I think that bringing in other people who were putting in their own talent and love into the day made for a very special and warm atmosphere that my guests couldn’t stop talking about. I would recommend having a painting done of your wedding even if you already have a photographer booked, we had a photographer as well but this unique viewpoint is something I will always treasure for many years!

Kelly Moran


My mother gifted my husband and I a painting as our wedding gift. It was the most thoughtful, exciting gift we could have received. Janet has such an amazing talent and is such a kind person. The painting is so beautiful- with the beautiful bold red barn, guests drinking during our cocktail hour and myself and my husband under our ceremony tree. Every part of the process was so fun- from meeting Janet in her studio in Warwick to sharing my thoughts on style to seeing her create it during the wedding. My guests loved watching Janet paint our big day and even a couple proudly pronounced, ‘Look at me, I made the painting!’ This piece of art captured our night so perfectly! Every morning before I leave for work I take a second to look at this painting and it always brings a smile to my face- it’s the perfect way to start every day. We love her so much my mom asked her to also paint my sister’s wedding in November! Thanks so much Janet!

Sara O


Call me at 845-545-2419 or email me at for prices and discuss what you had in mind.

Q. What type of paint and materials do you use?

A. I paint with high quality oil paint on pre-stretched canvas.

Q. How many identifiable people can I request in a painting?

A. I recommend not requesting more than 12 specific recognizable people as it can be difficult to get more than that many in during an event. Most people can be identified in my paintings by key features such as hair color and clothing. Additional people and details can sometimes be added after the event though. If you are looking for a great deal of detail in faces other than the bride and groom, I charge a little more for the extra detail.

Q: What do you need at the event site to create the painting?

The setup is minimal and does not require assistance. I bring my own portable easel and a small table. I only need around a 4’ X 6′ area, inside or outside. For evening events, and indoors, I may need an outlet for a lamp. I need to set up in a place that gives me a good view of whatever scene I am painting.

Q: If my venue will only let you start setting up an hour before, will you have enough time to set up?

A: Ideally I arrive as early as 4 hours in advance, although I only need about 30 minutes to get everything set up to start painting. It is nice for your guests to walk in and see it already begun, but I can keep the whole thing going at once. Anything not completed at the event will be finished in my studio.

Q: My ceremony will be really quick; will you still be able to paint it?

A: Since ceremonies are so short, I like to arrive as early as possible to paint the background. I paint as much as I can during the ceremony itself and also take photos for reference. Then, I stay during the reception and finish your painting working from my photos. This way your guests are able to watch the painting of the ceremony progress while they’re enjoying the party! If I cannot stay for the reception, then I will finish the painting in my studio based on my photos.

Q: Can you do more than one painting at the same event?

A: I normally create one large painting but I can create several small paintings of different moments at your event or paintings from photos. One idea is do small sketches in ink or watercolor during the event. Only the highest quality paper and pigments are used. Please inquire.

Q: My event has already passed. Can I still have a painting based on photos?

A: I am delighted to create a custom painting for you from photos  or video documentation of your event. I can create something about one specific moment or pull a story together from multiple images. I know sometimes it feels like everything is happening at once and I would love to tell your story with paint. You can choose a size and style that fits your budget.

Will my painting be ready to hang on the wall?

Oil paintings are either created on a stretched canvas. These can be hung on the wall without a frame. A frame can be added later to match your style. I can gladly assist you in choosing a frame. Often I take the painting home at the end of the night and do some touch ups. In this case I ship the painting to you, locals are welcome to come pick it up at my studio or are welcome to free delivery.

What is the deposit to reserve you?

I ask for 25% deposit that reserves your date. The deposit is non-refundable.

What is your cancellation policy?

I ask for another 25% of the total cost at 8 weeks prior to your event. If for whatever reason you need to cancel your event you can have that 25% back, minus the initial 25% deposit.

Call today before I am already booked.
Call me at 845-545-2419 or email me at for prices and discuss what you had in mind.